July 26th “The Day Of The Symbolic Herald”

July 26, 2011

Daily Horoscope

July 26 people are strongly dominant personalities. However, the authority they wield is rarely of a physical or financial nature, but rather lies in understanding and the truths of their times, not only understanding them but also personifying them in their activities and actions. When July 26 people comment on the state of things, They usually know whereof they speak, for their authority is deeply rooted in experience (and often a profound knowledge of their discipline as well). Exceptional people born on this day may be regarded as prophets of a kind, trumpeting their message to all that will heed it.

July 26 people may appear a bit one-dimensional, for rather than seeking widely varying forms of experience they usually limit themselves to one important field of endeavor. In this specialized area they bring to bear everything that they know about life. Many born on this day come to hold extensive influence in their family, social circle, or society at large. This is because they have a way of expressing what those around them are feeling, perhaps even becoming living symbols of unconscious social attitudes which have lain dormant. This may have the unfortunate result of them so completely filling a role that they become unable to make contact with the deeper, more feeling parts of themselves necessary for creating a well rounded personality. At some point in their lives they may have to make a firm decision to come down off their pedestal and refuse to allow others to put them up there again.

July 26 people are anything but conservative in their outlook. They often espouse quite outrageous viewpoints which can arouse antagonism from those who uphold the status quo. Fortunately, they display a self-confidence that rarely wavers, regardless of the opponent.

Not surprisingly, those born on this day are gamblers by nature. Often fatally attracted to difficult and even dangerous situations, they tend to lay it on the line when the going gets tough and hang on until a satisfactory resolution or conclusion has been reached. With their combination of stamina and strength they are well equipped to get their way.

July 26 people make little effort to sugar-coat the pill of truth. They tell it like it is-straight out and blunt, sometimes displaying more concern for the safeguarding of “Truth” than for the feelings of their fellow man. However, individuals born on this day who take the time and trouble to get to know themselves as flesh and blood people, develop greater empathy and tame their aggressions, will be better equipped than most to express the best they have inside them.

The Secret Language Of Birthdays

By Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers

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