July 25th “The Day Of Quixotic Exploits”

July 25, 2011

Daily Horoscope

Those born on July 25 have a romantic yearning to see far-off lands and accomplish imaginative deeds. Unfortunately, their dreams are often difficult to realize. Regardless of practicality, most July 25 people act on their desires, achieving either a surprising success or perhaps a more predictable mixed result. Their idealism is generally a bit ahead of their reality factor.

Even when July 25 people “fail” they may feel the experience of having tried to be self-validating. Many of those born on this day agree that “it is not whether you win or lose but how u play the game” that is most important. Thus July 25 people are primarily interested in motives for actions, and rather than focusing on how successful a person is, are likely to judge how pure his/her intentions are. Fair enough, they apply these standards to themselves as well. Thus parents born on this day may not be as concerned with their children’s grades as with how hard their children tried and with what sincerity they approached their tasks.

Danger can also attract those born on July 25 and when threatened with it, they rarely back down. Confronting issues boldly is typical of those born on this day, who prefer to take criticism directed against them head on rather than deflect it through subtlety or the use of third parties. If July 25 people know in their heart that they are right, they can stand up to almost any kind of abuse, even torture.

Though July 25 people have a code of honor which they hold dear, they generally refrain from demanding that others adhere to the same principles. It is a personal philosophy of living which they strive to embody in both deed and word. Honor is a god to July 25 people, who would rather suffer terribly than break their word once given. This highly admirable trait can cause them grief in an imperfect world, and at times put them at a severe disadvantage. They must learn to be as forgiving of their own transgressions as they are accepting of others’.

Those born on this day are subject to great mood swings, but due to their inner strength generally keep a firm grip on themselves. Indeed, the cultivation of self-control can take on the nature of an obsession for July 25 people. Their approach to life is not unlike that of a samurai warrior who fearlessly defends honor without regard for financial gain or ego massage.

Remaining grounded in and aware of the present moment, seeing the value in everyday experience, known deeply by only the most highly evolved of July 25 people. It may require years of growth and experience before those born on this day will turn their energy away from an imaginative tilting with windmills to observing with a cold eye what is happening right in front of them. Yet they will not (and should not) ever lose their love of adventure and their romantic bent toward accomplishing great exploits; in this they are an inspiration to family, friends and children.

The Secret Language Of Birthdays

By Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffer

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