July 23rd “The Day Of Uncertainty Resolvers”

July 23, 2011

Daily Horoscope

Those born on July 23 face a recurring theme of uncertainty in their lives. More highly evolved people born on this day are ultimately successful in resolving uncertainties, either personally for themselves or professionally for others. Less highly evolved people born on this day suffer from periodic identity crises in which profound doubts about themselves and highly self-critical attitudes surface.

July 23 people are basically traditionalists, and no matter how far out some of their views may be, they remain firmly rooted in conservative traits. Whatever their area of interest, be it their profession, hobby or art, they seek to know as much about its history as possible, in order to erase uncertainties; indeed, those born on this day investigate any area of which they are unsure in as thorough a manner as possible. Such investigations may range from detective or police work to scientific or social work.

July 23 people have a highly mental bias in approaching the world. Consequently, their emotional life may remain obscure and unexpressed; in fact, those born on this day sometimes suffer psychosomatic and addictive disorders due to suppressed feelings. Instead of spending all of their time resolving worldly or intellectual concerns, they might pay more attention to their own inner emotional state. Since July 23 people are often spiritually and religiously oriented, cultivating meditative practices may be of great help to them. If, however, they insist on pursuing external problems to the detriment of their inner life, they will only grow increasingly nervous and stressed.

Retreating into a protective shell is not the solution either. July 23 people must make a conscious effort to integrate their social activities with their inner emotional life. Often a positive primary relationship of long standing with a lover, mate or friend can be an essential bridge to the world. The dangers of dependency on such a person are obvious, but July 23 people also have a great deal to offer the other party in a relationship: their highly developed problem-solving abilities, compassion, understanding and human qualities are invaluable.

As mentioned, no matter how developed their egos, July 23 are periodically assailed by doubts. Each time those born on this day resolve such difficulties they grow stronger, and take another step toward self-realization. Those July 23 people who can share their rich fantasy life with others are indeed blessed, and will be very much appreciated; they are capable of earning great esteem as social workers, psychologists, lawyers and physicians. Those July 23 people who have experienced serious emotional problems have a marked insight into both illness and the process of healing, and may even be able to help others while they themselves are still recovering. The depth of gratitude and positive validation of such an experience can be mutually rewarding. The emotional complexity of those born on this day, their warmth and human struggle, generally makes contact with them meaningful.

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