July 24th “The Day Of Exciting Instability”

July 24, 2011

Daily Horoscope

Those born on July 24 are magnetically attracted to exciting and unstable situations, people and places, and the idea of dynamic change is highly appealing to them. Consequently, they are easily bored by the humdrum of daily existence. Most July 24 people are admirably flexible, and can readily adapt to changing needs and circumstances. Unfortunately, colleagues or lovers can be thrown for a loop when July 24 person suddenly changes direction.

Less highly evolved July 24 people can be rather unstable themselves. More fully evolved individuals born on this day manage to overcome their instability, transforming it into an exciting energy that not only makes them magnetic personalities but also fuels their endeavors. However, a preoccupation or association with eccentric personalities and out-of-the-way places never leaves them. The most successful of those born on this day can make a fascination for the unusual work for them creatively.

July 24 people are most often acutely aware of how they appear to others. It is an anathema to them to appear boring in any way, so those born on this day who are at heart more conservative often try to co-opt an avante-garde or unusual image. If they are naturally more flamboyant or strange, they make no attempt to hide it, and so may be considered exhibitionist by others. In fact, what July 24 people are most afraid of is falling into a habitual rut, essentially feeling stuck.

Particularly women born on July 24 have a kind of nervous energy that must be tamed or trained, or they run the risk of acute stress; men born on this day often have ego problems that need to be resolved. Both must learn not to attract too much attention to themselves, and to go about their work in a confident but unassuming way. Those born on this day should free themselves of the notion that they have to prove their worth to others. Learning to progress slowly, one step at a time, and take each event as it presents itself is key.

Of course, the dramatic flair of July 24 people invariably surfaces, and well it should. The great danger is that emotional eruptions will periodically make things difficult for their families and business associates, leading to possible alienation. Such a situation is highly unfavorable, because for those born on July 24 in particular, a stable emotional life will make for a stable career and vise-versa. July 24 people have to learn to be more self-reliant, and hence less dependent on the approval of others. To this end they should clarify priorities-knowing what they want out of life reduces their flake factor, and makes them far less likely to hurt themselves or others in relationships. Nonetheless, due to changing circumstances July 24 people may in fact find that they need to break off a relationship rather suddenly. Finding the best way to do so, graciously and with the best interests of the other person at heart, will ultimately prove less injuries to all concerned.

The Secret Language Of Birthdays

By Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers


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