July 22nd “The Day Of Occupational Fluctuation”

July 22, 2011

Daily Horoscope

Those born on July 22 will have a difficult time keeping their careers on an even keel. They may one day be blessed with tremendous good fortune, at another time with overwhelming misfortune. They can experience success in what they do for years, only to see it fall apart. Or they may suffer a lack of recognition for a long time and later delight when their star shoots high in the firmament. Not infrequently their greatest recognition comes posthumously.

Such fluctuations are not limited to their career, but also apply to their emotional lives as illustrated by the love affairs, marriages, divorces, separations and difficulties of all sorts July 22 people experience. So dominant is the July 22 will to come out on top, however, that they rarely even consider giving up. When they are in control of a situation, they appear to be invincible. yet, even to the strongest of those born on this day,  misfortune may come to strike them down at the zenith of their power.

One of the weaknesses of July 22 people is a blindness to their shortcoming which can keep them from making necessary changes in their lives and personalities. Because they are so thoroughly convinced of the correctness of what they are doing, they may fail to notice those little signs of impending disaster that must be heeded before it is too late. Another difficulty is that they have a hard time dealing with their aggressions. On one occasion they can be assertive, even forceful in their behavior, on another lack the will to confront problems and thus procrastinate. Repression of their more forceful side may lead to explosive and unpredictable outbursts, usually at the worst times. It may be asking a lot of mates, friends and children to allow for such a temperament.

July 22 people are generally courageous, straightforward and willing to compete at any odds, but they can also be foolhardy, stubborn and unrealistic. If their actions lead to personal failure, it is essential that they first acknowledge mistakes, second learn from them, and then move on. But if such a person immediately strikes out again without steps one and two, they are apt to cut a tragic figure in the eyes of the world. More highly evolved July 22 people allow themselves at least a short period of adjustment, recuperate fully and come back to fight again another day, perhaps worn, but wiser. Of course all of us must get to know ourselves better-our strengths, our weakness, our limitations-but for those born on July 22 it is truly a matter of gravest importance. Their ability to achieve lasting success in any area of life is directly proportional to their self-knowledge, gained at the experience of merciless objectivity.

The Secret Language Of Birthdays

By Gary Schneider & Joost Elffers

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