July 21st “The Day Of Tragicomic Controversy”

July 21, 2011

Daily Horoscope

Try as they may, those born July 21 cannot stay out of trouble for very long. Somehow a storm is usually brewing around them, often one with tragicomic over tones. Surprisingly enough, this can be equally true of quite people born on this day; They seem to get caught up in exciting or unpredictable happenings not of their own doing. A more flamboyant July 21 person is, of course, more likely to be at least partly responsible for stirring up such excitement.

Opposing points of view are the specialty of those born on July 21, and they often present them with biting wit. Not only are they fine debaters but serve equally well as mediators, arbitrators and peacemakers, as their love of playing devils advocate trains them in seeing both sides of an issue. Since they are well accustomed to conflict, they may be right at home in stressful situations that would easily upset others; those born on this day have a fine sense of humor that usually sees them through. July 21 people may be subject to great mood swings within themselves yet can remain remarkably calm and unaffected by emotional disturbances in others. Nonetheless, explosive situations do attract them and hold their interest.

Performers born on this day love the excitement of appearing in public, and are essentially exhibitionists. Their performance stance is usually highly physical and robust. Yet, the more highly evolved person born on this day may ultimately forsake the physical for the spiritual. Less highly evolved July 21 people run the risk of drowning in pleasures of the flesh, and along with drink or drugs losing themselves in escapist activities or highly depressive ruminations. In extreme cases, those born on this day can be thrill-seeking, death-seeking or even suicidal.

Excitement of many sorts attracts July 21 people, but particularly excitement that involves some kind of strife. Thus war or war games, controversies, investigations, spy stories, detective thrillers, horror films or thrill rides often have peculiar fascination for those born on this day.

A great danger for July 21 people is that they will allow such excitement to disrupt their lives and the lives of those around them. In a very few extreme cases, this can lead to social ostracism, but more often than not makes born on this day popular in their social circle, since their presence in itself is often a guarantee of an interesting and fun time. July 21 people must, however, beware of disagreeing with too many “judgement calls”, both by the referees of life and by family or friends, since they may be pegged as lovers of argument and conflict for its own sake.

The Secret Language Of Birthdays

By Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers

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