July 20th “The Day Of Ups And Downs”

July 20, 2011

Daily Horoscope

Those born on July 20 often live lives where they rise to the heights and descend to the depths. This metaphor of being alternately up and down can be central to their occupational, emotional, family or social life, as well as their dreams and hobbies. Such rising and falling activity is as integral to their personality as the seasonal changes are to nature.

In order to truly understand those born on this day, one must observe them in transition, as they are so often passing from one state to the next; it is actually not up or down, win or loss, or any state in between which defines a July 20 person but movement itself-going somewhere. Thus becoming is more important to July 20 people than being, and they are markedly dynamic rather than static. In so often changing their state, those born on this day run risk of becoming highly unstable personalities, like a radioactive element. Yet it is within this constant process of change that highly evolved July 20 people find people stability and repose. They are living proof that the center of the hurricane, the eye, can be the calmest point of all.

Though most successful July 20 people have this calm center within them, they must beware of complacency and stagnation, especially if they are seduced by social position or monetary reward. If they can motivate themselves to seek higher and more challenging peaks while at the same time maintaining their balance, they will remain productive. Their twin pitfalls are excessive behavior on the one hand and complacency on the other, both equally dangerous and needing to be brought into line with reality.

Mates to July 20 people or those involved with them in partnerships of any kind will be fortunate to live or work with an absolutely reliable team member. Yet they have to be very understanding of July 20 person and just as patient, since it often takes those born on this day a long time to reach their true goals in life.

Strangely enough, July 20 people can be unhappy after achieving a measure of success, for what they may need most is to experience the little failures and frustrations that might motivate them to make fundamental changes in their lives. Again, the greatest danger to such a personality is to become too “comfortable” or “satisfied” with their efforts or life situation. It may be especially difficult for those closest to them (friends, mates, lover, children) to understand the July 20 need for struggle; these loved ones may not wish to share in a process of growth that seems to embrace angst at the expense of happiness. But those born on this day can never be satisfied through a mediocre existence. If they can find the excitement and challenge they need their career or everyday life, perhaps they can strike a balance between seeking and having. If not, they run the danger of suffocating in “contentment.”

The Secret Language Of Birthdays

By Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffer

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