July 19th “The Day Of Controlled Movement”

July 19, 2011

Daily Horoscope

Recurrent themes in the lives of July 19 people are movement, grace and form. Those born on this day are highly attuned to how they represent themselves and often involved with mastering their body. Perhaps this preoccupation stems from their desire to channel and shape their emotions. Many born on this day are prone to mood swings, sometimes resulting in passive-aggressive behavior. They are also likely to be unusually temperamental in adolescence, which may be especially trying and awkward for them and others. As they mature, July 19 people work actively to cultivate their innate grace; they are not only conscious of how they carry themselves, but also of how they speak.

In fact, the self-awareness that July 19 people demonstrate, on a number levels, can be an exceptional quality. When they have made a mistake, they are quick to acknowledge it, and though they may not rush to apologize when they are unfair or unkind to someone, they will try to improve their attitude in the future. This capacity for improving on themselves generally does not go unnoticed with friends, family or mates, who appreciate a July 19 person’s efforts.

But though July 19 people generally succeed at mastering their deportment and how they relate to others, they still may not be in firm control of their own emotional center. Stillness of mind and non-action are vitally important in this regard. Those born this day who come to understand the value of non-action will enhance their active side and bolster their self-confidence.

However, because July 19 people are self-critical by nature, non-action must not be confused with hesitancy or indecision. Rather, using the power of waiting to advantage, contemplating and acting at the right moment is what is meant here. For those born on this day, denial of immediate gratification is essential in developing strength of character, and at some point in their lives they are likely to act on difficult experiences that teach them much in this regard.

July 19 people should beware of having undue faith in others, or engaging in adulation and hero-worship, which may ultimately rob them of their own self-worth and individual expression. It is vital that they cultivate and nurture their uniqueness, perhaps even by having the courage to strip themselves to the bone and build themselves up in a realistic fashion brick by brick.

July 19 people must also guard against perilous emotional encounters, as their unreality factor can be rather high where their perception of others is concerned; they are particularly prone to project their own emotions on those close to them. This July 19 tendency toward excessive subjectivity must be shaped and refined, not merely suppressed, as efforts at control should aim to produce a joyful, playful and vibrant personality, not a repressed or habituated one.

The Secret Language Of Birthdays

By Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers

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