July 18th “The Day Of Conviction”

July 18, 2011

Daily Horoscope

Those born on July 18 so clearly reflect the views of their group that they may find themselves spokespersons for those whose opinions they not only share but also come to shape. Social considerations are often in the forefront here, and whether those born on this day are actively political or not, they usually have a well-defined set of priorities and ethics that anchors their purpose in the world.

Because of their extreme receptivity and their power to effect changes, July 18 people make ideal candidates to represent anything from a smaller groups (families, clubs or local societies) to larger entities (union, political organizations or government bodies). Occasionally such people can become actual living symbols of the group they represent. As such they have the potential to become very powerful figures, as long as they keep the bond with their family, constituents or colleagues alive. If they should be cut off from this group, they may suffer great anxiety, go through a crisis and be forced to reexamine their values.

Those born on July 18 are generally forceful individuals. If they had the freedom, adventurousness or the inclination to step away from their group affiliations they would perhaps benefit from it, but given their nature, perhaps this is a moot point. Freedom of thought, action and choice are always circumscribed to some extent by the ethics of group to which they belong and usually July 18 people make a contribution or express their creativity within such a framework. When the values or objectives of their group come into conflict with the laws of society which they consider unjust, those born on this day do not hesitate to attack the status quo aggressively or defend their group against domination or suppression. In this they are tireless and courageous.

The private lives of July 18 people may suffer terribly from their work. They must acknowledge that without spending sufficient time with their mate and/ or children a satisfaction relationship is not likely to result. Many born on this day are adept at social interaction yet quite immature emotionally, and therefore problems will arise in their personal relationships. They may become quite dependent on the attention and affection they demand from those close to them, and extremely vulnerable and fearful if they are threatened with losing it. This may be further complicated if they do not wish to invest enough of themselves to satisfy their loved ones. Those born on July 18 must learn to be as strong in their private lives as they are in their public lives, and this cannot be accomplished on a strictly a part-time basis.

The Secret Language Of Birthdays

By Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers

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